Bogota Chamber of Commerce


We are a private, non-for-profit organization whose goal is to foster a sustainable Bogota -Region in the long term, by promoting its residents' prosperity, through services which enhance and strengthen the enterprise capabilities present in the region, and which improve the business environment with an impact over public policies. 

Higher purpose

We are allies in turning your entrepreneurial dream into a reality, helping make it sustainable, generating shared value, in order for all of us to strengthen the Bogota - Region, with more and better companies.


• Prosperity: a state of growing and inclusive well-being achieved through the abundant and well-balanced creation of public and private goods and services, for all of the community.
• Shared value: enterprise practices which increase business competitiveness, while improving social, environmental and economic conditions in the communities they operate in.
• Governance: the ability by different stakeholders to work in a collaborative fashion, in order to manage their own development.