CCB, official organizer of TCI Global Conference 2017

About TCI

TCI Network is the leading global network of main organizations and practitioners with deep expertise in clusters and competitiveness, who collaborate in a unique open, flexible and practical context to advance in the practice of competitiveness, innovation and cluster development.

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Organizing Committee

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce, INNpulsa Colombia, TCI Network and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies are organizing the 20th TCI Global Conference.


Who will attend


The 20th TCI Global Conference will bring together cluster managers, economic development policymakers, opinion leaders, academics, consultants, development agency representatives, ministries, businesspeople and multilateral agencies among others

Call for Proposals


To achieve the objectives of the conference a number of workshops will be held on the second and third day to share experiences –of both good and bad practices worldwide– and to dive deeper into the three overarching themes:

  1. Better policies (productive development policies – modern industrial policy).
  2. Better implementation (practice) of these agendas.
  3. Better business and joint activities between clusters from different regions and countries.

We will invite you to participate in this call to be able to present your proposal, alongside other conference assistants, during the interactive workshops.

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The 20th TCI Global Conference will allow interactions between cluster and competitiveness professionals of multiple countries and regions, looking to exchange experiences and build synergies, to lead to better:

  1. Productive development policies – modern industrial policy.
  2. Experiences in the implementation of these agendas.
  3. Business and joint activities between clusters from different regions and countries.

Bogota-region’s productive development efforts

Bogota – in the heart of the Americas

  • More than 700 weekly international direct flights.
  • Direct connections to more than 43 countries.
  • 32 airlines fly to Bogotá.
  • 5 hours away from New York and Buenos Aires on a direct flight.
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